We know just how much you love your pets and how important healty food choices are to them. 

Hug A Doug Dog will deliver high quality, GRAIN FREE foods to your home at prices competitive with the big chains with the delivery included in the prices.

We are locally owned and operated.  We design pet services to meet your needs.  There is a 10% discount on all services for Military and over 55 customers.  There is also a discount if you use multiple services.  An example would be, if you have 2 dogs and want poop pick up and yard deodorizing, it would be $20.00 for both services instead of $24.00 for separate services.  That would be a 16.5% discount!

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, Checks and Cash!

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clean up service!
Hug A DougDog LLC
pet food home delivery

Our Dogs are our "Kids" and we know yours are too! 

We know how busy you are!  We also know that sometimes there are physical limitations on what you can provide for your friend.  Don't worry, Hug A Doug Dog is here to help you package "their special gifts" for disposal.  We also provide a Yard Deodorizing Service.  A $10.00 Treatment can dramtically reduce the odor of pet urine & feces in your yard.

Services available 7am to 7pm -  Emergency Services 24/7

Hug A Doug Dog offers an in home PET CHECK service for those who would rather not board their friends outside the home.  For $30.00 per day, you will receive twice daily visits that include, feeding, water change, letting pets out, poop pick up, cat box clean up and a follow up phone call to Pet Parents to let them know all is well!

Pet Services Designed to Custom Fit Pet Parent Needs!
Serving the Las Vegas Valley

Here at Hug A Doug Dog we believe that your dogs and cats are your kids.  They need your love and attention.  If we can help you spend more time with them by taking a few chores off your hands, we think its a benefit to both of you!


Let us take care of your friends little gems year round.  It will free up some of the precious time you have to spend with them.


If you would rather not board your buddy, we provide an in home service that includes, feeding, watering and play time.  Service is twice daily for $30.00 per day.


We live in a 24 hour town and sometimes it's not convenient to take your pet to the VET or Groomer.  Not to mention the hairy mess left in the car.  Let us take them to and from their appointments!  Service is $25.00 Round Trip.